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Crypto hysteria

The obsession with the cryptocurrencies went into a new phase after the futures trading on the bitcoin began on 10.12.2017. In the trading of the CBOE Global Markets, the virtual currency delivery session in January went from $ 15,850 to a 21 per cent rise to $ 18,700. Eventually, however, the bitcoin was worth $ 18,100, Reuters reported. CBOE reported that it had traded 800 contracts in the first two hours of trade, and that increased interest has caused web site dangers because of too much traffic and over-trading volumes in the start-up phase. Trading has been suspended twice because of the excessive volatility of the currency, but everything is normal. Volatility is the measure of the extent to which the price of an asset is expected to fluctuate within a certain period.

Putting Bitcoin Futures on an Adjustable Exchange is a turning point for cryptocurrencies as it will test the commercial infrastructure that will help professional traders and investors react to raising or depreciating the Bitcoin and will participate in lowering the price volatility.

The Bitcoin, created in 2009 and not supported by central banks, has risen ten times this year, but with dramatic fluctuations.

Experts have warned of its unpredictability and signs that it is a balloon asset that can burst.

Still, the crypto hysteria continues.

In December 2017, the world's largest futures exchange operator, the CME Group, said it was launching futures contracts on December 18, similar plans announced the Cantor Exchange on the Tokyo Stock Exchange intends to offer investors binary options to the bitcoins.