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Transaction speed

The Bitcoin blockchain is programmed with a fixed block size of 1 MB (megabyte). On the one hand, this protects the endless increase in the size of the blocks and the overload of the network in confirming the blocks of miners, but on the other it also puts a limit on the speed of transactions processed. One block is generated on average every 10 minutes and contains about 1500 transactions. For one minute can be processed about 175 transactions. For comparison with the payment systems of Visa & MasterCard, they can process up to about 20000-50000 transactions per minute. Of course, we must not forget that at Bitcoin we have a decentralised infrastructure, and in other payment systems – centralized (in the hands of a company). This is one of the main challenges to development in the direction of mass use and acceptance, which the parties to the dispute and the thousands of miners with their votes will have to decide.