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Storage of cryptocurrency

Storage is done through appropriate wallets. The wallet stores our personal keys to access the Blockchain. In fact it stores exactly them, the personal (secrets!) keys, not the cryptocurrency themselves. Blockchain keeps the information about which wallet (address) with how many units of the cryptocurrency has. This allows miners to check if someone is trying to send a larger amount of the available balance to their account. A similar transaction will then be invalid. Whoever owns the keys, he may have the tools available in the wallet, so keep your personal keys as you keep your ordinary wallet and passwords to access your bank accounts!

For the most part, the portfolios are free specialized software applications (programs) that have been developed specifically for the purpose or by the team developers of the given cryptocurrency, or by other people or companies. This is possible because almost all cryptocurrency and their blokverigi are open source programs, allowing third parties to develop applications for them. Generally speaking, portfolios are:

(hot) online profiles on servers or applications installed on Internet-connected (and related blockchain) devices (computers, tablets or smartphones); It is recommended to store small amounts (similar to those you hold in your normal portfolio of everyday life), as they are deemed to bear some risk because of the convenience they provide to their holders;

(cold) hardware devices (such as those of Trezor and Ledger Wallet, which are not free) or paper media, which do not have a (permanent) Internet connection for security; They are recommended for storing large amounts as they are considered the safest.