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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain can easily be explained as a public register (something like an open and General Ledger-Open ledger) where transactions are recorded. Each transaction is a declaring record that a person sends (transfers) "X" money to another person. The information in this registry is processed as records from each transaction are collected in blocks (we can make the analogy with records on one page). The processing of transactions itself is performed by all computers included in the decentralised blockchain network. Computers check the authenticity of transactions, whether they comply with certain criteria, and whether certain conditions are met, and then confirm their validity. Once a transaction has been confirmed more than 6 times (i.e. from 6 computers on the network), it is considered irreversible. Each block starts with information about the previous block in the chain and ends with information entering the next. Therefore, all the blocks in one Blockchain are connected from the first to the last (the newest) block that is currently being processed. Adding the fact that every computer on the network has a copy of this public register, this technology makes compromising transactions virtually impossible, as there is no way to tamper with a transaction in the Register (Blockchain) of all Computers in the decentralised network.